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Olyblogosphere links for January 27 (I’m ready to think about snow again edition)

Snow. Damn snow. Now you all know why I hate snow.

1. Calavara brings us two comics about the snow. The first of which I identify with very much.

2. snow! blog Elaine. And then, On being a ped in the snow:

What can be done about sidewalks & crossings? I understand that there aren’t resources for city to clear any sidewalks and that it’s not legally the city’s responsibility. However, a week & a half after start of the storm, several days after melt started, sections of arterial sidewalks are still nearly impassible. There’s multiple areas VERY slick ice, never shoveled, trampled down into hard crust over the sidewalk.

3. And, just to round out snow related blog posts, Flummel, Flummer, Flummo: we gots Snow! 

4. Of course there are a lot of snow related videos posted lately, but these two speak to me. Kids going down a little hill (from clwtrip).

And, of course, trying to make sure everyone gets treated fairly.

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  1. Mark Derricott

    Silly, Elaine. She knows there are no sidewalks in Olympia.

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