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Not really the best of the last four months (Olyblogosphere for Friday, November 20, 2015)

First Olyblogosphere since “the break?” You think I’d go back and find all the best blog posts from the last few months. Nope. Not really.

But enjoy!

1. Olysketcher is so good. I mean, good good good.

2. Olympia, WA may well be a dead blog. Which totally sucks. That blog was pretty damn good.

3. But, on the bright side of things, Olympia Pop Rocks (not technically a blog) is still going strong. Go Jemmy! Go Guire! Especially this episode, which is probably the most non-representative. So much to unpack!

4. Ken reminds us back in the day when Republicans made a big effort to welcome refugees in Washington State.

Just four lonely links. No others availed themselves easily this week. And, did not go hunting for more. (Olyblogosphere for June 22, 2015)

1. Rebels by bus is a great blog and a great idea. Now they’re having a free summer event!

2. Now, here is a local blog, but a very convoluted post in order to get a gift card?

3. Salish Poet writes about Father’s Day. That was yesterday, by the way.

4. Calavara at the Washington Center. He’s an artist. Take a look.

A Decade of Olyblog Probably Deserves Its Own Post, RIGHT?? (Olyblogosphere for June 8, 2015)

1. Elaine wrote a little while back about how Cascadian she’d become. Now, she’s on about coming back home.

2. Matthew’s post is well taken. But, I imagine these are only two portions of Olympia talking here.

3. Hey look, a Sarah sighting! It is sad that the Nazis brought her back on the Olyblog.

Holy Crap! Olyblog is Almost Ten Years Old!

4. Rhodies are my favorite! But, my head is still spinning after realizing Olyblog is almost ten years old. So, no more links. Enjoy your Rhodies.

Local Treasures (Olyblogosphere for May 11, 2015)

1. Man, you want to talk about local treasures? Your Daily Hour With Me is a local treasure.

2. David Raffin is pretty awesome. For a local treasure. I really like his books. But, I didn’t notice recently he’s been upping the post count on his blog. And, this is a recent one.

3. Common theme going on here. Local Treasures, David Scher Water is one as well. He’s also raising money (and knowledge) for a new book.

4. Lastly. Olymega. Man, what a treasure. These folks are also coincidently raising money.

Its all about procession, one way or another (Olyblogosphere for April 27, 2015)

1. Procession of the Species isn’t just the procession. Its almost everyone holding up their recording devices. Like everyone. This is an Andy Rooney thing for me folks. Let your brain record it, you know?

I’m not against recording, but does everyone need to do it?

2. Procession is slow! And this year is was chilly. No one was going to overheat, corset or not.

3. I remarked to someone during Procession that this particular image could become a logo for Olympia.

Really, and what I said under the first entry was really stupid. Don’t listen to me. Record what you want. Upload it, share it, keep it to yourself. I’m dumb.

4. In non-Arts Walk/Procession news, Olympia’s best blog covers local to statewide public transportation funding.

5. I kept on forgetting to mention this particular episode of Olympia Pop Rocks. I may eventually write an entire blog post about it (very likely now that I type that sentence). The episode is a thing of beauty. It flows between the art Olympia and the progressive politics in a lovely smooth way through the life of work of Meg Martin.

Excellent stuff.

Here’s a reddit thread on the episode, just for kicks.

3 editors and an amazing photo. Just amazing. I’m not often amazed. (Olyblogosphere for April 6, 2015)

1. Did you know that Ken Balsley used to edit the Lacey Leader? Ken still covers Lacey and grades his mayor: B-.

2. Did you know the former publisher of the Olympian had a blog? Here you are.

3. This photo. Don’t go your day without seeing this photo. Very much. I mean, the way he’s laying there, still straddled. I also assume not awake. With his bag over his shoulder.

I’m just saying, photos don’t take my breath away, almost as a rule. This one does.

4. Alec Clayton, editor at Mudflat Press, blogs about the latest exhibit at SPSCC. Which also features one of the above editors. Guess which one!

Solar, the clown and food are real. Cop humor and zombies are not (Olyblogosphere for March 23, 2015)

1.The Sky Like A Scallop Shell loves. I mean LOVES! Solarpunk. So, come as no surprise, Procession is Solarpunk.

2. Yeah sure, they were cute. But the who Zombie thing up at the campus was totally overblown. Style over substance and no, they did not take over “Olympia.” Just the legislative building. And, they were lobbying for a tax cut. So boo.

3. Gale Hemmann writes up a neat post over at Thurston Talk. Seriously, the ethnic markets of Olympia and thereabouts.

4. I appreciate the effort. But, that’s an embarrassing effort. I can imagine what you were going for, but not good.

5. And, this is worth linking to just because Jusby posted something. Our favorite clown!

SPSCC all over the place and other port related links (Olyblogosphere for February 23, 2014)

1. Seems a bit early, you know? But, Washington Our Home declares snake season has begun.

2. Rebels by Bus has a nice class (and video) over at South Puget.

3. Speaking of South Puget, here’s Janine (from Little Hollywood) talking to SPSCC’s president.

4. Longshoremen load up a ship.

5. Ken has a pretty thoughtful post here. I knew he’d been the type to vote for her, but I didn’t realize she was ill. When should she resign, really?

One epic post on rail that beats me to the ground and four other random posts (Olyblogosphere for February 9, 2015)

1. Wow. The best blog in Olympia delivers again. This makes my post about Olympia and Sound Transit look like historic revisionism crap. Read this post (Link Fixed! Thanks TVDinner!) that dives really deep in to the policy of local rail.

2. Ecotone is an Olympia blog. Maybe not about Olympia, but blogged from Olympia. So, Maybe the 12th man should be for the greater good.

3. Gary also blogs from Olympia. He is NOT retired guys.

4. Why do they want to close the art gallery at Evergreen?

5. The future of the Co-op, being surveyed.

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