I convinced Keri to watch a spooky half hour of Riverman last night. Of all the Green River Killer stuff that is coming out right now, it was a weird choice of a movie to make. I mean, Ted Bundy never really helps them, so the movie turns out to be a ineffective Silence of the Lambs wanna-be. I know its based on what really happened, but is it exciting enough to make a movie out of it?

The guy who played Dave Reichert was spooky close looking to the real sheriff.

Again, going to Bundy didn’t crack the case, why make such a big deal about it? Why make a movie?

Riverman hit the air about the same time the real Reichert and Ann Rule both came out with books. I actually am looking forward to reading Rule’s more than Reichert. I feel that Rule has been waiting her entire career to get a crack at this book.

Two more things anyone should read on the Green River Killer/Gary Ridgeway:

The Seattle Times’ 1987 investigation. Why did they spend so much time talking to Bundy and not enough time arresting Johns? This page also includes some of the legal documents.

King Co. Sheriff’s Office Green River Page
. Sheriff Reicherts crew put a lot of what they have on the internet, including video of Ridgeway.