From Congratulations on Bandcamp:

Congratulations is a four piece band from Olympia, Washington. The group consists of Jordan Ingram on piano and lead vocals, Abigail Ingram on bass guitar and backing vocals, Matt Buscher on guitar, and Chad Austinson on drums. The band has been described as “moody indie rock with occasional meanderings into jazz and country, jumbling it all together and spitting forth a sound uniquely their own”.

Uniquely their own is probably over-selling it a bit, but they do have a good sound.

I especially like the single “Two of Us,” which has a change of pace about 2/3s of the way through that is very cool.

You can download two albums by Congratulations free at Bandcamp. I suggest you do, its good listening. And, when I mean “free,” its name your own price, which could be more than $0 if you’re not like me.

So, onto explaining what this music blogging thing is supposed to be. Basically, just all local bands. I think there is enough in the Bandcamp Olympia tag category to keep me going. I’ll be honest, this is more about another way to approach the Olympia topic than about music.

Yes, some of it, I really do like (like Congratulations), but some I won’t at all, but I’ll use it to talk about something else.

Also, this is a way for other folks who might not know about this local talent to get out and support it.