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Don’t worry Mark, I respect your opinion, despite your non-PCO status:

I would not vote for Susan Bogni. At the forum on Saturday, she struck me as one who felt she was due the appointment by virtue of employment for the current commissioner. The only other political adroitness she seemed to possess was the ability to say Barack Obama’s name, and if I remember correctly, she said she wanted to implement his vision in our corner of the worthld.

When did central planning become the mantra of our political age? She may be the most qualified candidate (though I didn’t take that from the forum), but she fails to grasp a very simple concept in a representative democracy, that the country doesn’t belong to its leaders, be they Barack Obama or Susan Bogni. I hate the concept of benevolent overlords, and I hate it when politicians (even more so, aspiring politicians) embrace it. Obama’s tagline certainly did not aspire to such lunacy look to the right of Joe Biden and read what it says.


  1. Ken Camp

    It was like hearing Vice-President elect Joe Biden say at the debates, “A noun, a verb and…”

    And in this case the answer would be Barack Obama, not 9-11.

    I’m not voting for Susan. She’s trying to say she has all of the experience of a county commissioner, but I haven’t heard her accept any responsibility for the current budget situation or any other bad decisions that might have been made in the county.

  2. Anonymous

    Susan’s constant dropping of the O bomb revealed her political tin ear. It was pandering aimed at a group who’s pandering detector is very strong. I was a bit embarrassed for her.
    Laurian PCO Oly204

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