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Washington State Dems have a blog (2 years, 4 months, and one day later)

Ken Camp had a great idea, oh two freaking years ago. That the state party should use the web in a better way, including developing a blog, to expand their reach.

Chair Dwight Pelz’ reaction at the time was pretty stupid:

Invariably some comment will be posted there, and then attributed by someone as being from “an official State Party publication”. A scandal is then born.

Yeah, right, ok. Whatever Dwight.

Now, you’ll be happy to know that the state Dems are blogging.

I guess in the two intervening years, blogging has become a lot less scary to some folks.

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  1. Ken Camp

    I’m on vacation right now, but just saw your blog. Thanks for posting this. I can’t believe they’re finally blogging. Maybe I should write Dwight a note, but since he told someone I know “how good can he be, he worked for Richardson” in reference to me, I don’t think I’m on Dwight’s list of favorite people.

    Glad to see they’ve made it out of the stone age.

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