Hat tip to Rick.

Rich Nafziger ealier this month launched Naflog, the first blog of an elected official (that I know of) in Olympia (aside from a couple really nice PCOs). As a school board member, he blogs about educational issues, and to his great credit, it seem that he has put the word out to his fellow board members so they can join the conversation.

Actually, it seems that conversation is at the center of why he started blogging:

This is my first blog and I am starting this with the biggest thing that is on my mind. And that is the failure of our education system to meet the needs of both our new economy and all of our kids. I want to start today by laying out my case. Each day I hope to build on it. I don’t have all the answers but I’m desperate for the conversation. Please respond if you are willing.

It is nice to hear a politician (I know, just school board, but still pretty important) not only say that he doesn’t have all the answers, but that he wants to talk.