Andrew’s post on the puzzling demise of Columbian Watch, in which he references the “True Blue” version of the Pacific Northwest Portal got me thinking about activities by great Democrats in Montana.

Matt Singer and his good friends in the Big Sky state are putting together an online community, which up until recently was called the Last Best Ass, a reference to the phrase “Last Best Place.”

Anyway, their effort is now called ProgressMontana, an open, CivicSpace based, online community for Progessives. I wonder if we could do something similar here in Washington? We have gobs of liberal blogs in Washington, but the GOPers are the only ones that are putting their work together, even though its a fairly sad cross-post website.

What I would propose would be a stand alone, while cross posting would be allowed, but with some tools that would include diaries and new content. And, based on CivicSpace.