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May Day Will Suck

Or that is what I expect. After hitting high water marks in 2000 and 2001, the yearly rebellion fest has slowly petered out to the point that it is really super lame. I used to get ramped up by this point, all worried about what might happen. But, I’m not even worried this year, It will be lame.

Otherwise, here is the announcement for the planning meeting of the spontaneous event.

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  1. Anonymous

    Wow – how do you count success? Arrests? Traffic blockage? Hospitalizations?

    I remember 2002 being a great street party in front of Plum Street’s McDonalds – complete with a live electric punk band and its portable generator. Perhaps my memory is off a year?

    2004’s Mayday was a great march up, and then down the bridge – ending up at the artesian well downtown, stopping briefly to take over the Gazebo at Sylvester Park. That was fun. Were you there?


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