A comment I posted on westerndemocrat.com, where I also blog:

…I like Dean, supported him early on and really like his message that we should start from the grassroots and build a 50 state party. I’m coming to the conclusion though that he better serves the party in a cheerleader role, as opposed to the chair of the DNC, essentially, because he is damaged goods. His message of grassroots organizing and 50 state strategy didn’t get out yesterday, the headline in my paper was “Move the right not what Dems need.”

Dean, unfortunately, would be seen as a move to the left by the party, especially by folks in the West who don’t have that any experience with him outside of the Presidential election.

Anyway, I’ve been reading Cecil Andrus’ book “Politics Western Style,” and it had a great quote about the difference between Republicans and Democrats in the West:

“(Idaho) has elected Republicans so dumb they need to be watered, but any Democrat who hopes to stick around must have the adaptive skills of a coyote.”

Maybe that’s the beginning of my five things that make a Western Dem post.