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Mariners “phony right wing family values” and sports punks

I couldn’t help but think artistdogboy was going a bit over the edge describing his reason why the Mariners suck:

One thing really bugs me about the Seattle Mariners. It’s not the bad trades; bad draft choices, signing of washed up free agents, lack luster starting pitching, bullpen meltdowns, non-production of slugger Richie Sexson or retaining ineffective general managers.

It’s the phony rightwing family values image promoted by Mariner management that permeate every decision and move the club makes.

The annoying happy talk pre game code of conduct announcement you hear when you entering the ballpark is indicative of the problem.

Then again, this kind of makes sense:

What surprises me is most of the attendees at the park go along with it like the bunch of no nothing johnny come lately Seattle baseball fans that they are. They’re more interested, most of the time. in getting the god dam wave started then paying attention to what’s happen on the field of play.

Most of what he’s getting at was pointed at strongly by Steven Wells earlier this summer.

We do need more sports punks in the United States. More people that take sports seriously not just as a consumer, but as a fan. Sports have fans, products have consumers.

I do agree that Mariners management is fine with fans sitting back, paying $17 for third level seats and way to much for beer. Eventually, I think we’ll get to this step, but maybe first tackling what artistdogboy is talking about.

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  1. artistdogboy

    Thanks Emmett for the feedback on my rant.

    It reminds me of a story.

    In the mid eighties I attended a M’s game. My buddy and I were yelling our disapproval at a error by one of the Mariners. There was probably 8000 people there. The heckling went on for some time. A cop came over and told us to keep it down. I told him that the point of being a fan was making noise. He did think it was funny.

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