Two folks I respect and like to read came up with different takes on the Matt Singer and Julie at Red State Rebels both liked it way more than I did. Julie says:

There’s also the opportunity to invest $20 a month in DNC “Democracy Bonds,” with the quip, “you don’t get any money back – but you do you get your country back.” Howard Dean bought the first bond today, renewing his campaign idea of building a party fueled by many small donors. “You can decide to commit more money per month, depending on what you can afford, but the principle is democratic with a small-d — one person, one bond. Every person can be a stakeholder in our party,” the website says.

And, she has a good point, Democracy Bonds do what I and a lot like me want to see, campaign finance reform the only way it has to work, by regular folks giving small amounts regularly, investing in Democracy. I’m a bit jaded and I really want to see a meetup like tool.

But still, Democracy Bonds rock.