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Portland Expos dead, all but… Mariners Empire safe

Hopefully on July 13, or soon thereafter, we can put this entire sordid tale behind us. The idea of ever having a major league baseball team in Portland was a poor one to begin with. Now, finally, it may be over.

…three people with knowledge of the relocation process told USA TODAY on Tuesday that those locations are ahead of Las Vegas; Norfolk, Va.; Monterrey, Mexico; and Portland, Ore., but that the committee is having difficulty reaching a final choice.

This will be the last time I run down the list. Hopefully.

1. The Mariners currently have a disproportionately large tv market. Carving off Portland and all the southern markets would harm the Ms. Rule numero uno, don’t harm the Ms.

2. Portland better than Montreal? Hardly. Even with a ravenous following, they’d be one of the smallest of small markets.

3. Why not Mexico? I did this little study, looking at the distances between Monterey, Mexico City and other Major League cities. It turns out that Mexican cities are pretty darn close.

Walk Olympia. Now, this campaign I can really get behind. I can’t wait.

Nice, my only problem with this, and it is just a little tiny problem is that both funding ideas give less money to sidewalks than to parks. Our park situation in Olympia is pretty good, our sidewalks are almost non-existant. Except in newer cul-de-sacs and developments down on my side of town, there are almost no sidewalks. This means that the higher traffic streets, such as 18th, Boulevard for the most part, Fones and 22nd, lack sidewalks.

I’m having trouble with Jim Francesconi’s candidacy for mayor. The actions of his campaign and his record as a city councilor raise doubts about his ability to be our city’s CEO.

First is his inability to collect the money owed to the city while head of the Bureau of Licensing. According to the bureau’s new director over 10,000 businesses failed to pay their city taxes and over $10 million was lost during Francesconi’s watch. That money would have done a lot to close our city’s budget shortfall.

Plus, he was given access to office space used by the Ball Janik law firm to raise funds. He first failed to report it as an in kind contribution on his campaign finance report, and when once he was caught he amended his report saying that the contribution was worth only $160.

These are the actions of a poor manager.

I’m going to go out on a limb here.

Dave Ross should not run for Congress in the 8th District.

Dan almost got me with his carpet bagger logic a couple of days ago, but my reason is much more simple. We already have a decent candidate in the 8th: Alex Alben.

He’s an ex-RealMedia executive. If you haven’t noticed, we’re doing an ok job electing those types to higher office.

And, he’s already been endorsed by the entire Democratic delegation, plus the sitting Democratic gov. Now, why does the Democrat State Chairman start recruiting another candidate when all the other dems are already lining up behind the guy we already have? That’s my biggest problem with this, we already have a guy.

Two more reasons:

Who is Dave Ross? I know he’s been on the radio for a really long time, and generally agrees with most of what I believe, but there is more to being a Congressman that having decent political views.

Its May. The primary is in September and Alben has already raised $500,000. And, we’re likely facing sheriff I Caught the Green River Killer Dave Reichert in November. I think a Ross and Alben will do more damage to each other than Reichert will endure from his three primary foes. By running Ross against an already strong Dem, we’re weakening ourselves.

Tre Arrow is Not a Terrorist

Let me make one thing perfectly clear, Tre Arrow is a spoiled little brat who was always more interested in his own fame than in the movement he claimed to represent. This is a guy who used a pickup borrowed from the mother of one of his accomplices to torch some log trucks up at Eagle Creek. Plus, he just got caught in Canada trying to shoplift bolt cutters. These are not the actions of a rational decision maker.

Tre is a vandal, and he’s also an arsonist. But he’s not a terrorist. Terrorists kill people indiscriminately. Tre just burned up some equipment. Stupid? Yeah. Immature? You bet. Give the logging industry ammunition to attack environmentalists with? You better believe it. But that’s not terrorism.

Terrorism involves the indiscriminant destruction of human life. It’s about making people afraid to go about their lives because they fear for their safety. Does anyone honestly think that a bunch of big, strong, country loggers would be afraid of a skinny little hippy like Tre? Forget about it. But if you check the USA PATRIOT act for the definition of terrorism it says anyone who tries to force the government to change its policies is a terrorist. It makes no distinction between violent and non-violent force. So, according to the letter of the law, civil disobedience can be defined as terrorist activity.

So Tre gets labeled an eco-terrorist. Removing violent action from the definition of terrorism makes the concept slippery and hard to pin down. This cheapens the meaning of the term, and could turn into a situation where the war against terrorism becomes the war against anyone the government can get away with calling a terrorist.

Three quick reasons why Portland shouldn’t get the Expos

1. These noodlehead couldn’t even keep a Triple-A team running. You’re going to trust them with a major league franchise?

2. Take away from the Mariners. I love the M’s, and with Oregon, they have one of the top-10 media markets in the country, including all the way down to northern California, Alaska, and out to Montana. Take away Portland, we lose a lot.

3. Mexico deserves it. We expanded to Canada in the 60s, why has it taken so long to get into S. America? Monterey is 1,230 miles from Los Angeles and 891 miles from Phoenix (if we put the spos in the West) and only 413 miles from Houston (if they’re in the Central). By comparison, Seattle is 954 miles from LA, 680 miles from Oakland and 1683 miles from Dallas. Also, 3.6 million live in the Monterey metro area.

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