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Well. Hello to you too (Olyblogosphere for November 10, 2014)

1. Only one of the best things ever I’ve watched.

2. rebotco is the bomb. Here’s the Second Part of Olympia Now and Then. Even better than the first.

3. Thurston Talk keeps us up to date on what Aunt Alicia is up to. OMG. I just realized. Maybe she’ll buy the LBA woods for us!

4. The man who brought us Motherhood on Percival Landing and the World War II Memorial (wheat stalks) has students. Go see their art. You’ll forgive me for not mentioning the horrible Parkland institution that houses that art.

5. I have nothing else. Except this awesome Olympia music that you can own for a price that you name.


  1. Unknown

    I have to say I don't particularly appreciate the Olympia Then & Now. So far as I can tell, all rebotco did was take my photographs and the old photographs that I posted in the "Where Are We?" feature of the Olympia Historical Society website and reposted them without any attribution. Not kosher.

  2. October Surprise

    Hey how is it going.

    For the record, I routinely pull content from the Olympia Historical Society, the Washington State Archives online, the Jones Photo collection, and two or three other online digital archives that I can't remember right now. Some archives have duplicates of the same photos as other archives.

    I don't claim to have procured any of the photos myself, and in the posts being discussed I believe I am pretty clear about having lifted the photos from archives online. Quite a few of the photos are watermarked from the Washington State Historical Society. I have edited both of the then and now posts to include a direct link to OHS and other archives.

    Olyblog is a free website, and as far as I know no one makes any money whatsoever from the posts. I just love Olympia and Olympia history.

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