From stevenl at Olyblog:

Blogs (and such) by date. All from the weird days that stretched between Monday, July 15 to Friday, July 19. Coincidentally, it was also the start of Lakefair week.

Starts out with me on Monday, July 15 and a white powdery substance was found in a state office in Tumwater. Cops were called, big vehicles were in the parking lot. Anything else? It is a mystery.

Then on Tuesday, July 16: Stab and blood downtown. At least this day had a beautiful sunset.

Wednesday, July 17: Fetid Lake of Doom Fair!

Thursday, July 18: Two more knife related incidents. One was a domestic violence stabbing between two folks that literally showed up the day before. The second was a robbery of a downtown bank. I don’t have any links for these, but the attitude was literally “Knives? What’s going on with knives??”

Friday, July 19: Oyster House Burns. Holy.

This guy was literally the last customer out the door before the fire took the place down.

And, after that, it all calmed down again. Lakefair parade and fireworks happened, the Oyster House still smells like a left over fire.