1. Remember the time in the mid-90s that a Thurston deputy sheriff confessed to being a devil worshiper and sexually assaulting his daughters? Then he recanted, but was found guilty anyway? The Olympia Satanist Blog points to a documentary (the entire version is pretty easy to find after a couple of links) on the somewhat forgotten episode in our town.

2. These flew over my house a few days ago too, it was pretty impressive.

3. A blog post all about the South Sound Shock, which are mostly a Tacoma team, and very little about the hometown Pioneers.

4. Ken has a pretty solid run down of the primary ballot scene.

5. Ramblings of Spring blog brings us tales of getting a building permit in Tumwater.

6. And, lastly, I’ve been remiss on not ever featuring Jerry Farmer’s “America Ya Gotta Love It” blog. Mostly because of the name and his apparent fear of blank lines between paragraphs. That isn’t to say that there aren’t good posts there. This is a good one, for example.