1. This guy moved to Olympia. He seems happy about his choice, and well, he seems like an interesting fellow.

2. Over at GriffinNeighbors (which is outside Olympia, but might as well be a moon if Olympia was a planet) there’s a story about social capital, creative commons and stickers.

3. While not technically a blog or anything, its worth noting that KGY is posting some of their content over at Soundcloud. I haven’t listened to KGY is years, mostly because if I am listening to radio, I’m listening to some sort of NPR. Otherwise, I’m listening to podcasts. And, because I was able to turn their Soundcloud page into a nice handy podcast feed, I’m listening to KGY again!

Just one thing, one of the guys on their sports show needs to stop laughing so much. Super annoying.

4. The Fake News thing is present at Evergreen.

5. And, sadly, it’s worth noting that Everyday Olympia is going into hibernation again. I really loved the original version, which seemed to be building towards a cleaner version of Olyblog or a different version of Thurston Talk.