Between PTSD, a standoff, burning, murder, a rampage in Afghanistan and now this crazy hit-man going to blow up the capitol story, Joint Base Lewis McChord has had a better few weeks.

At the very least, the base and the community that is around it is feeling the strain of over a decade of deployments. So, our new congressional district will be centered on the communities around JBLM. Don’t you think these new stories would wrap up into some sort of narrative of how this new district relates to the federal government?

So far, two of the three candidates have soft language on the website talking about veterans, but nothing too specific or strong as far as I can tell.


Congress needs to ensure these heroes and their families get the medical and educational support they need to transition successfully back into civilian life.


He’s seen firsthand the impact that long deployments overseas have on our fighting men and women and their families

There are brave men and women that fight daily to preserve the freedoms that we, in America, enjoy. For that, they deserve the honor and respect they are due. We must ensure they have access to proper benefits for themselves and their families, never worrying if they are protected. Our veterans deserve nothing less.

Despite being an Army veteran, only Stan Flemming doesn’t seem to make some blanket “we need to help the vets” statement on his website.

Its ironic, that with the retirement of Norm Dicks, who is the ranking member on Defense Appropriations, Washington State will lose one of its most powerful voices in this venue. Dicks has already brought up PTSD back east.