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Discover Thurston as a road trip through Mathias Eichler’s two best idears

In honor of Mathias Eichler’s recognition of being the best person in town (Awww-SUM), I give you Mathias’ best idears as copied by other people and as told by Discover Thurston.

And, when I say “copied” I mean borrowed without credit seemingly being given. Credit may have been given at some point, but not in these videos or anyplace else I could find.

1. First, is obviously, First Friday: “First Friday began in December of 2007 at the hands of business owners Mathias and Trixy Eichler.”

And, as told by Discover Thurston: “The first one we started was in September (2011).”

I don’t know what chocolate has to do with November.

2. Also, Table for Olympia: on Olyblog in 2009.

Then, as told by Discover Thurston: “Tonight we’re having a Table of Ooooaaah… South Sound.”

TJ, you almost blew it, you almost said Olympia.

To be honest, I don’t have any problem with people taking ideas and running with them. I do it all the time. But, it is at least polite to give credit where it is very much due.


  1. einmaleins

    Thank you!

  2. Emmett

    You are most welcome.

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