1. But, if you were to google “Sh*t people from Olympia Say,” you see a video that achieves a greater hilarity than the average for the meme. Damn, don’t google it, just here it is. If you haven’t see it yet, have fun.

2. One of the two times I’ve seen the Vagina Monologues was at the Midnight Sun. Now, Alec points out, they’re in trouble. Help save them.

3. Washington Our Home is a decent looking localish blog. I particularly like this post about stumbling onto the Ft. Eaton historic marker on the way out of town.

4. Speaking of history, the Olympia Historical Society is doing something pretty awesome. Even more awesome than the Olympia video.

They’re taking questions they get and answering them online.

5. By the way, the second least popular idea for a building in West Olympia is a Boys and Girls Club. Pretty steep fall from a 7-11.

6. And, a movie you haven’t watched. The Illuminated Ball, a fundraiser for Procession.