Just catching up on things. I marked tons that aren’t getting in this time around

1. Great youtube video from jopomojo of the old Olympic Skate Park, that closed in 1982.

2. Walt Jorgenson filmed a lot of holiday light displays over Christmas. The best part is the Oly liberal chatter in the background.

By the way, “liberal” to me is not a perjorative. I just found the chatter entertaining.

3. Tobi Vail over at jigsaw is featuring a lot of Top lists recently. Two of the best are by some of our local librarians, Sara and Kelsey.

4. Campfire Island has a top 5 list as well.

5. Janine’s Little Hollywood had been one of the best news blogs in town for awhile there. She went blog silent in May and recently updated the blog to explain why. Lots of work and getting married are good reasons!

6. Logo update for the Food Co-Op.