3. Last (but only in my eyes) is the Olympia Reign of the International Basketball League. I’m glad this team is still around, but I’m sorry to admit that semi-pro basketball is in third place for me behind soccer and baseball. I might go see them this year, but that’s still a might. They’re out at Evergreen State College this year, which isn’t a bad home court, just a bit of a hike. It might seem small-time, but it might be worth them trying out a high school court. I imagine St. Martin’s field house is a bit steep in price.

I’d just also like to note the other reasons I’m lame for not trying to support the Reign more. First, they’re name is great.

Also, I’ve complained in the past that there really is no minor or independent league basketball in the country, but that there should be. And, independent basketball should play along side college and the NBA on the calendar, not try to carve out a summer league like the IBL. So, if you love basketball and hate (like me) that the NBA took the Sonics out of Seattle, then spend money on teams like the Reign. Because only because of support by fans like us will the NBA ever reform.

That’s true of all sports leagues, by the way. If you don’t like the major league option in your area, for whatever reason, support your local independent franchise.

Olympia Reign are on the web and on Facebook.