Evergreen is looking for a new Geoduck logo. Nothing wrong with that, but what’s wrong with the great logo they’ve already used? And, from what I remember, its designed by Evergreen Grad and all around great Olympian Nikki McClure.

I remember talking to then athletic director Dave Weber when they (the athletic department) rolled out the new geoduck, which must have been maybe 10 years ago or so. He said it was drawn by McClure and that it would be a logo for the sports teams. I assume since then, its use has faded away, since its almost impossible to find online, especially on the Evergreen website.

Great logo though, they should really consider resurrecting it.

Well duh update: I couldn’t remember where I’d seen the logo recently, and it turns out it was on an Evergreen website, at the bookstore. They’re already using on hats!