Unless someone makes a move for a vote among the PCOs tomorrow night, it looks like the Thurston County Dems are leaving Joe Hyer on the list for Thurston County Treasurer:

For immediate release
2/21/2010 7:00 PM

From: Jim Cooper, Chair, Thurston County Democrats
Contact info: 360-451-xxxx or jimcooper@thurstondemocrats.org

We support Councilmember Joe Hyer as a friend and political colleague. Joe is an integral part of the “citizen corps” that makes Olympia and Thurston County tick. Until we have seen specific charges and evidence against him it is the position of the Thurston County Democrats’ (TCD) Executive Committee that Joe Hyer is innocent until proven guilty and only he, the County Commissioners, or the Judicial System can make the choice as to whether he is qualified to serve as County Treasurer.

Should Joe, or any other candidate, become unfit to serve (through withdrawal of their own name or a statement by the County Commissioners or the Courts) TCD will be constitutionally obligated to rescind our entire list of nominees for the interim appointment of County Treasurer and open the process again in order to refresh the list to three qualified applicants.