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One county commissioner, 10 city council-members, three school board members (and some more) come out for Stew Henderson

The list is long and deep and it looks like local Dems are lining up behind Stew Henderson for the 22nd LD:

The full list of endorsements announced today include:
• Karen Valenzuela, Thurston County Commissioner
• Doug Mah, Olympia Mayor
• Karen Rogers, Olympia City Council
• Joe Hyer, Mayor pro tem, Olympia City Council
• Cynthia Pratt, Lacey City Council
• Andy Ryder, Lacey City Council
• Mary Dean, Lacey City Council
• Ron Lawson, Lacey City Council
• Joan Cathey, Tumwater City Council
• Betsy Murphy, Tumwater City Council
• Ed Stanley, Tumwater City Council
• Eileen Thomson, Olympia School Board
• Mark Campeau, Olympia School Board
• Allen Miller, Olympia School Board
• George Barner, Olympia Port Commissioner
• Chris Stearns, Public Utility Commissioner
• Jay Manning, Chief of Staff to Gov. Chris Gregoire and former Director of Ecology
• Karen Messmer, former Olympia City Council Member
• John Cusick, immediate past Chair, Thurston County Democratic Party
• Debby Pattin, WA State Democratic Party Committeewoman for Thurston County
• Roger Erskine, WA State Democratic Party Committeeman for Thurston County

Here’s what Jay Manning has to say:

“I’ve known Stew for years, both personally and professionally. He will be an outstanding legislator, bringing excellent judgment, honesty and a great work ethic to the table,” said Jay Manning, former Director of the state Department of Ecology and current Chief of Staff to Governor Chris Gregoire.

Here’s his full list of endorsements.


  1. Stew Henderson

    Update — George Barner didn't know that an old friend of his was also running, so he "retracted" his endorsement.

  2. Berger

    I've met Stew and he seems like a fine fella, but…Questions about issues….How does Stew feel about preserving/enhancing Olympia's relationship to the Sound? Where in Olympia/Thurston County does he think housing should be encouraged and/or restricted? What is Stew's position on the isthmus and who did he support in the last city council election?

  3. Anonymous

    Yeah, Dems really lined up for him…Ha

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