A little while ago, following some bad press that the Economic Development Council was behind on writing a big plan, I wondered whether the EDC should broaden its view to include representatives beyond elected officials and business owners.

I still think that, but I’m also wondering this morning, given Olympia intent to cut funding for the regional body, whether Olympia really needs the EDC. The economic destiny of Olympia seems to rest more closely to the economic fate of the rest of the state. And, despite the bad economy, we don’t seem to be doing all that poorly (being rated above even Seattle in job creation).

But, let me just say this. Even the president of the council should know that economic conditions can have more to do with way outside the community actions and little to do with local boosterism and planning.

So, do I see a purpose in the EDC. Well, sure. Maybe in the same sense that the Thurston Regional Council serves a purpose. That its a good idea to have people paid to think beyond the borders of our city. But, that said, I still think the folks doing the viewing should be broader than business folk and elected officials.