R. Scott (birther and Thurston County Republican chair) can’t read. Or, when reading, can’t process information.

When he reads this

Mah also urged the audience to consider the timing of his proposal and said that because of the slower economy, “property (for purchase) will never be cheaper.”

Thurston County Commissioner Karen Valenzuela disputed that.

Valenzuela, who attended the forum with other elected officials such as Olympia City Council members Joan Machlis, Rhenda Strub and Karen Messmer, said there might be no need to rush because the Port of Tacoma, for example, is having difficulty selling a $22 million parcel in south Thurston County’s Maytown.

Conjures up this:

…then why is Karen Valenzuela trying to purchase more parks? And why in the hell does she want to purchase them for the City of Olympia [read about it here]? She thinks they can get it cheaper, but wants to participate in the purchase.

Saying that anyone who is interested in developing an isthmus park should take their time means she wants the county to participate?

Seems more likely that she’s attended the forum because she’s a local political leader, not because she wants the county to dive into a park purchase.

On the other hand, if R. Scott had bothered to link anywhere else than the Olympian (other blogs?!?), he would have come up with something far more convincing, but still vague enough for him to twist. From Janine Gates’s Litle Hollywood:

Audience member Marie Cameron spoke next, saying she has been a resident for over 30 years and served on the Olympia Planning Commission for six years in the 1970’s and served in a variety of planning positions until her retirement. She now lives in the county, outside the city limits, and feels disenfranchised from the process, and urged the county to step up and be a partner in the portion of property tax it collects.

Thurston County Commissioner Karen Valenzuela thanked Cameron for her productive suggestion. “The problem with Mah’s proposal is that there’s only one player at the table.”

Now, you’d have to assume that Valenzuela meant the county as another player, but I’d safely assume she meant the state. But, R. Scott can believe anything he wants, especially since he can just make most of it up.