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Dude. Over the top (more Pat Beehler stuff)

I really wouldn’t have pointed this out, but meh. Here goes. Here’s more over the top Beehler (Jamie Bariekman’s description of Beehler’s kick-off event):

I have been to these events before but this seemed different. There was something in the air that gave me the sense of patriotism and pride. I saw it in others too.

Of course, what he actually said he’d do was vague enough:

Mr. Beehler’s message of self accountability, responsible spending, cutting taxes and service to the community was without question the message that we all wanted to hear.

But, you don’t really care what he wants to do, as long as he cuts taxes (without cutting services?) and is a Republican.

He commands respect from his years of experience, and he has a deep respect for his mother.

Which is good, because most candidates don’t like their moms.

It’s time to get rid of the good ol’ boy network that appointed Karen Valenzuela and elect Pat Beehler.

Sweet, because he’d have to get rid of all the elected Democratic Precinct Committee officers in Thurston County, including me. I actually voted for Karen Valenzuela as my top choice. Not that I’m a big fan of the PCO system (very much not so), but following the law is hardly an ol’ boy network.

Actually, within the letter of the law, I’d defend the process we had. It was open, all of the applicant material was posted online and at least one online forum took place including two in person forums. Pulling something like that together in the dead of a really crappy winter and holiday season was hard.

I don’t hear Republicans calling the PCO appointment process the “ol’ boy network” when they’re replacing a Republican.


  1. Anonymous

    Pat Beehler’s kickoff event was packed with over 100 supporters, many were Democrats.

    Pat is a competent manager, and well-respected leader in our community; as evidenced by the broad base of support shown at his campaign kickoff event.

  2. Anon_the_Great

    Anon, name those Dems. I have my doubt about the veracity of your report.

  3. Anonymous

    GOP's Beehler reports endorsement by Thurston deputies

    Thurston County's sheriff’s deputies have endorsed Republican county commissioner candidate Pat Beehler, the candidate's campaign said today. In a news release, it said in part:

    Thurston County Deputy Sheriff's Association announced today they have overwhelmingly voted to endorse Pat Beehler for Thurston County Commissioner. "This endorsement means a lot to me, and I very much appreciate their confidence and support, " Beehler said upon hearing the news. "The Deputy Sheriff's share my vision for getting Thurston County back on track, and know that the County Commission can do better."

    I haven't seen anything explaining why the deputies did not want to back incumbent Democrat Karen Valenzuela. It seems fair to assume the commission's budget cuts and legal fight with the Sheriff’s Office over spending are part of the story.

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