Rep. Brendan Williams (who I like in a lot of cases, but not in some) is blogging at the Seattle PI nowadays, and his new column starts out well in the metonymic sense. “What’s the Matter with Washington” (not Olympia) this and “Democrats in Olympia” that.

But, then it all falls apart in the last paragraphs:

With our economy reeling, our education system declining, and our Earth imperiled, my 6-year-old’s future cannot afford more incremental, play-it-safe politics. Democrats in Washington, D.C. – from President Obama on down – are effectively projecting an urgency Olympia utterly lacks.

Indeed, Olympia’s past session made all the more laughable Republican assertions that Democrats are business “job-killers.” With the public denied a choice on progressive tax reform, the only jobs killed were those of thousands of health care workers, state employees, and teachers dependent upon adequate state funding.

I lack urgency and I hosted the legislative session. Neat!

This sucks because Williams is actually from Olympia.