Via email, from Bonnie (Jacobs?) (important parts in bold):

Citizens for Responsive Local Government, CRLG, formed after the Council’s isthmus rezone vote, and after various public records requests revealed what Councilmember Kingsbury and some others were doing on their laptops during Council meetings.
CRLG’s endorsement committee included a variety of politically engaged and concerned people from around town, including four people who have been active with Friends of the Waterfront (Bob Jacobs, Emily Ray, Thad Curtz and Walt Jorgensen). Also included was Janet Blanding, a reporter who has been covering the Isthmus issues for Works in Progress, the local progressive monthly that’s distributed from sidewalk boxes downtown.

CRLG spent four months asking people about possible good candidates, talking to a large number of people about20whether they’d be willing to run, interviewing a much smaller group of people who were willing to consider running, and eventually deciding to endorse three candidates –

Karen Veldheer (who is running for the open seat)
Stephen Buxbaum (who is running against Jeff Kingsbury)
Jeannine Roe (who is running against Joan Machlis)

CRLG will make a public announcement about its three endorsements soon. Our next email will include more information on their endorsement process, the candidates they’ve endorsed, and what you can do to help elect some new members of the council this fall.

An email that gets forwarded around is a public announcement, FYI.