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Olympia city council early campaign notes

Hayes out (we hardly knew ya):

it has occurred to me that the time commitment and the potential personal cost to myself and my family is too high.

“Potential personal cost?” Boy, what could that mean?

Sermonti in (who are ya?):

“If we change what Olympia is and what we stand for, we won’t have a downtown, but if we refuse to change at all, we may well not have a downtown either,” he said.

What… da… dog… does that mean? We won’t have a downtown? Wha? Ah man, I’m confused.


  1. Anon_the_Great

    Was it a nanny problem or a stripper problem? Hey, I joke. The real reason is Emmett was mean to her. Downtown cease to exist? There is an interesting idea in there. All of downtown as a Capitol campus park. Sure would defuse a whole pile of issues once and for all.

  2. Emmett

    I’m still trying to figure out what we stand for. Because if we as a city don’t stand for anything, we’ll fall for everythiiiiiiiing.

  3. Ken Camp

    Tony Sermonti is a Senate Democratic caucus staffer.

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