Your right not a have a uh…. road?

Having the chair of the county Republicans is going to be interesting, in at least I can try to figure out what these folks are thinking. But, since the new year, R. Scott has been sadly quiet on local issues. He did post up a collection of words that seemed to be his thoughts on the local party he now leads, but other specifics on local issues are lacking. And, yeah, he came out against the Timberland levy lid lift.

Anyway, he posted up on his google links about the local effort to bring together lists of projects for stimulus money and has this comment on a link to the Olympian story:

“Here is our local government with their hand out. Most of the stimulus money will be spent on government projects that intrude on our rights.”

So, how is Yelm building that bypass they’ve been talking about for over ten years an intrusion on your rights?