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Olympia telling Olympia what to do

One more thing about this, if you’re unfamiliar or unclear as to my pet peeve about people saying “Olympia” when they mean “Washington State government,” don’t worry, almost everyone is.

But, in regards to this, I’d just like to ask this:

What is Olympia thinking trying to tell Olympia what to do?


  1. Anonymous

    Steven Drew says:

    First off, the city FAILED to protect the Capital located within its city limits from being exploited for private gain and the city FIALED to protect the rights of the people of this state to experiance the grandure of their capital.
    This is why some action was needed.

    As to the question of grounds, well lets see.
    What is the largest park in the city?
    Who paid for the upgrades around the lake?
    Who paid for the public dock upgrades in Budd inlet, the preforming arts theater and so on?
    Who is the largest employed here in Olympia?
    So if the city cannot stand up for itself,for us, I for one am glad to see the legislature step up to the plate.

  2. Emmett

    More later, but the largest park in Olympia is Priest Point Park at 314 acres.

    Heritage Park is 24, Yauger is 40, LBA is 23 and Watershed is 150.

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