More on Jim Lazar and his thoughts on Timberland.

I was thinking last night about all the big ol’rural libraries that we Thurston County folks pay for in dirty poor backwards SE Washington (tongue in cheek). You know, Salkum, Amanda Park and Matlock.

But, there was a flaw in my trying to be funny logic, North Mason has a nice huge library, despite their non-incorporated status. So, maybe Jim is right. Maybe North Mason folks are sucking Thurston County dry to build their mecca to books.

Either way, it was built with Timber funds (that Timberland Regional Library for you).

Mike Crose, via email:

We established a special Building Fund in which any “excess” timber revenues could be accumulated for building projects and building remodeling projects for libraries in the unincorporated areas of the District. The Timberland North Mason Library in Belfair was paid for from these funds.