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Next step for Ken Camp, the blogger of Tumwater

I’m sure Ken would tell you he’s busy now. Oh yeah, everyone that works in a building of greek design in Olympia is sooo busy now. Well, still, I have a few ideas for you blogger now that you’re seeing a lull and the county commissioner appointment process that you covered so well has petered out.

1. Redesign. Your design is pretty bad. Not horrible, but you need to dance that ol’blog up.

If you were asking, this one and this one look nice.

2. Cover Tumwater city hall. The council posts their packets here, go through it each week and spout off about something. You live in Tumwater, right?

Oh yeah, and while we’re talking about that, what do you think of an Olyblog for Tumwater?


  1. einmaleins

    arg, not an olyblog, please. There are much better models out there of… well I suppose it depends on what you’re trying to achieve… Olyblog does achieve something…

  2. Ken Camp

    Calling me out again are you? And yes, I am busy. I haven’t had time to post all week. Maybe over the weekend.

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