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The shrinking Washington State liberal blogosphere

Evergreen Politics is going the way of Pike Place Politics, Blog Reload Olyscoop and Better Donkey, and I’ve been meaning to write a post about where things have been going in the liberal political blogosphere around here.

Things aren’t like they were in 2004. Yeah, there are a handful of new blogs out there (Spokane Skeptic and the Other Side) which are pretty good, but it isn’t like there are a bunch of people diving into blogging lately. Washblog is pretty stale and has been for awhile.

Horse’s Ass is still going strong, and gobbling up other bloggers while they shutter their own blogs (see Pike Place Politics and Blog Reload). Even Josh Feit found a paying gig over there for awhile, and it seems like they’re becoming the liberal vesion of crosscut. Nothing wrong with a big blog, but I wonder about some things.

Do the big blogs left in the state-level liberal political blogoshere do enough linking to smaller blogs trying to make their way? It seems like I can’t go a day without seeing them link back to the Seattle Times or the Vancouver Columbian, but I seriously can’t remember the last time they linked to another bog not Effin’ Unsound.

Do A-list bloggers have a responsibility to link to smaller blogs (here and here)? Yes, in the interest of the blog ecosystem. Hell yes.

I pulled out of the community I’m addressing here as a serious participant awhile back. It had to do with a lot of things, some within that group of bloggers, but also because I found other reasons to blog. Also, I had a feeling that no matter what point I made, it wouldn’t be linked to. There were some nice exceptions, but those guys stopped blogging awhile back.

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  1. Chad Lupkes

    I try to liven up Washblog when I can. How do we fix this, besides internal links?

    I’ve started a postroll for the King County Dems and a postroll on the WSDCO. I need to put together a blogroll for kcdems. Every list seems to be different.

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