Don’t comment spam.

For christsakes, are you serious? No matter how good your cause is, right now you look pretty dumb. Especially since my email is pretty easy to see here, you simply could have sent me the information that way.

I have to give you credit for trying to reach out to local blogs, I’ve seen you over at Olyblog before, but posting random comments on random posts isn’t a good idea.

Instead, try doing your own blogging. Maybe not a blog specifically about Goodwill and the work it does, but the world that Goodwill exists in. Saying that in another way, don’t just blog about the good work you’re doing, write about the good work you see other people and organizations like your own. “Hunging good will in Washington” might be a good name for a blog.

Also, keep up the beat at places like Olyblog and the the Exit133 forums.

And, if you’re in 15 counties, why are you called Tacoma Goodwill?

And, email me next time.