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Jim Lazar’s list of who gave to who (open county commish seat)

Ken has the scoop on local good guy Jim Lazar’s list of which county commission applicants gave to which candidates since 2000. Some gave to some non-Democrats, which might not look good to the party faithful who will do the whittling down:

Erik Landaas

Kevin J. O’Sullivan $300 6/5/2006

Kevin J. O’Sullivan $50 7/30/2006

Corinne Tobeck

Gary Alexander $100 5/28/2005

Sam S. Reed $50 11/8/2007

Ed Crawford

Norman K Maleng 4/25/2002 $100

Susan Bogni

Sam S. Reed $25 4/2/2008

The folks who get hurt the most by this are Tobeck and Landaas. Tobeck because she’s basically only given to Republicans until this year when she gave $10 to the county party. Landaas because two years ago he gave to the Republican candidate (twice) who ran against Bob Macleod, who Landaas is now seeking to replace.

It takes a certain amount of guts, I have to admit, to give $350 to Republican Kevin O’Sullivan in 2006 and then in 2008, as a Democrat, file to replace the guy that beat O’Sullivan.


  1. Mark Derricott

    What’s the news with the forum? I know the last attempt was canceled; any news on the horizon?

    Thanks for the transparency!

    (Cross posted at The View from the Left.)

  2. Robert Martindale

    Thanks for posting this information and thank you Jim for looking into it for us. It does help in narrowing down the field.

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