Because politically centered blogs are just tunnel vision things anyway.

Ken does a good job pointing out tonight how the state Dems just really don’t get blogs. I have my own reasons for thinking this, mostly due to their RSS feeds being so transparently part of their web consultants site. I mean, if you can’t bother not broadcasting a feed from and not, then its not really worth the facade at all of having your own website for the party.

But, in the end, Ken’s complaint that they should have included a geographically more diverse set of lefty blogs only goes half way.

Instead of reaching out to just political blogs, they should be reaching out to the blogs in their own backyards like Real Dupont, Exit 133, Olyblog, or West Seattle Blog.

This post is sort of my mea culpa to Terry Thompson who weirdly bemoaned blogs as the haven for the politically strident who never listened to anything that got in the way of their political truth.

Yeah, if the state party did a better job building a nice online community, it would be great. The Obama campaign proved that a well thought-out and well aimed online effort could build community and enhance a campaign.

But, what would be even better for a state party and a collection of locally elected Democrats, would be for them to get out on the community blogs and talk with the people who are already there.

Ask them what their priorities are. Write about what you’re doing and what you think is important and let them talk back to you. Lefty blogs will always want to carry your water, but community blogs are going to be the people who are deciding whether they want to vote for you.