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Two links about us still talking past each other

Washington or Oregon are the most politically polarized states.

And, red and blue talk past each other on sex:

Social liberals in the country’s “blue states” tend to support sex education and are not particularly troubled by the idea that many teen-agers have sex before marriage, but would regard a teen-age daughter’s pregnancy as devastating news. And the social conservatives in “red states” generally advocate abstinence-only education and denounce sex before marriage, but are relatively unruffled if a teen-ager becomes pregnant, as long as she doesn’t choose to have an abortion.

No matter what happens next week, the people that disagree with you will still exist, will still be engaged, and will try to make their political world happen.

Shoe, meet other foot (part 2)

Olyforum notices the original post, and responds:

Here, all opinions are welcome, despite whether you agree or not and are never shut down. The ONE thread that did get shut but was never deleted because the poster verbally abused others. It wasn’t just MY decision, it was put to a collective vote and ultimately, the final decision to lock the thread down and leave it that way wasn’t even mine, it was somebody elses. (I love getting all the credit for their decisions though!) Another reason that thread was locked down was because we actually have real advertisers here and I didn’t want the locked down thread reflecting on their businesses.

If Emmett wants to make an example of something, he should think it through and know all the facts before he goes off and ruins his own credability. I’ll pray for him at church this morning.

Say, think & write what you want, in the end, I know the truth and that’s all that matters to me!

M’eh, I knew there was a reason I didn’t put it up over there in the first place:

I read it. I thought it was rude, and posting it on a blog was mean.

The discussion on moderation over at Olyforums continues here:

I’m doing what I can. If I take stuff down I get yelled at. If I don’t take stuff down I get yelled at. If I say I’m trying to keep things flowing, I get yelled at.

Let’s talk because I’m getting pissed.

Re: Sonics fans can turn south


Its bad enough that the Olympian carries the Jailblazers in their daily game calendar now.

If all I cared about was the geographic proximity of a major league sports team when there wasn’t one in that league nearer, I’d be a Canucks fan too. And, why support a league that would take away the Sonics in the first place?

Olympia is a city, a community, not a metonymic device

Randy Neatherlin’s new newspaper insert:

Randy says that Olympia is to blame. Well, not literally “Olympia,” as in the city I live in, but rather the place as it represents some other out there for citizens in the 35th LD.

Yes, I understand the point of metonymy: the press is not literally a printing press, but the news media in general.

But, in the case of using smaller city state capitols to signify “state government” is wrong. It lets voters off the hook for the decisions they make, who they decide to sent to Olympia during the legislative session to represent them. It isn’t Olympia’s fault, its your fault.

In this way, even the Don’t Let Seattle Steal This Election is more accurate than blaming your troubles on Olympia, because it is literally urban King County voters trumping rural conservative voters.

KUOW’s weekday will cover this topic tomorrow:

The Olympia Culture

You’ve undoubtedly heard gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi saying that he’s wants to change the culture of Olympia. What is that culture? Does it need changing? If there is corruption, what kind? We take a look at the culture of our state capitol. What is true? What isn’t?

There’s a problem in the way that we talk about state government, because its not the culture of Olympia that’s the problem, its the culture every legislative district that elects representatives to the state legislature.

Shoe, meet other foot (on being a moderator)

I was a lazy comment moderator when I had the power at Olyblog, but I sure did respect those who did wade into the fray to try to keep things civil. And, I rolled my eyes at the folks who claimed bias on the part of the moderators (imperfect as they were).

JstPlnOnry (just plain onry) was one of those who chafed at moderation:

I just figure I’m an adult, no matter where you are, you’re going to run into somebody who says it like it is whether it’s a heated comment or moment or not! I can choose to engage or choose to walk away! Here, I can choose to engage or choose not to respond!

I guess because I am an adult who knows how to make wise choices, deleting posts and banning people from commenting really saddens me. They have a right to their opinion just as much as I have a right to mine! I’m not always going to like their opinions but it doesn’t mean I have to silence them over it. And I certainly wouldn’t like being silenced for my opinions! (Which is why I call Aaron Mason out for his stupid ban button and criteria so much!)

A handful of the folks who didn’t like the moderation policies at Olyblog went off and started their own effort. Hurray for them (though I still hate not having rss feeds over there), but it looks like JstPlnOnry is learning that life is hard as the moderator, even if Olyforums has a more wide open set of rules:

In my defense, and I stand by my decision, I did not “prevent” you from posting. I prevented you from verbally abusing & belittling other posters here. Your original post is still up, but your ability to continue to post your anger at those who didn’t respond to you has been shut down.

If somebody would like to respond to you, they are more than welcome to PM you. Had you not attacked non-responders the way you did, the ability to comment would still be available.

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