I thought Carlos Silva was supposed to start today, and I’m sure to learn why that didn’t happen if it was supposed to happen. But, I didn’t actually watch the game (my son’s baptism was today), but I checked the score.

Sweet, we won the series against the Yankees. Awesome.

Well, today’s story shouldn’t be about Silva, but about the Yankees, but yesterday I promised a Silva thought, so here goes.

Last year I had a thing for Jorge Campillo. The thought of a Mexican junkballer just appealed to me. But, we let him go and he ended up with the Braves and now sports a 7-7 record and sub-4 ERA.

Instead of keeping him for the cheap, we signed Carlos Silva (4-14, plus 6 ERA). This was my symbol of the team in trouble, we signed a guy seemingly just so we can spend more money on him. Eh.