The Olympian follows up on R. Scott’s lead and has a pretty thorough, if not exciting, report:

“I think Thurston County is in better shape now, after the revisions,” McCormick said. “They certainly got a plan that is more congruent with the GMA.”

Turns out it was failed political leadership, and not a challenge from a Thurston County resident, that cost the county all that money to comply with the Growth Management Act. R. Scott has tried and tried to pin it on commission candidate Sandra Romero, but the piece this morning just seems to point out that the lawsuit helped Thurston County revise its plan into a much better version.

Also, it seems like R. Scott’s fakey LTE did actually tip the Olympian to follow up on the how-much-the-lawsuit-cost-the-county storyline. Its just too bad that the actual story was sooo different than what R. Scott would have wanted.