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Gawd, not “another woman on the bench”

You know, emotionally, I have a lot of sympathy for the “dads rights” folks. I don’t want my children ever taken away from me.

But, if you want to be taken seriously, I’d hope the guys over at the Thurston County Family Court Reporter blog stop being sexist jerks:

Well, Ms. Murphy, I hope you prove me wrong. Every woman I have talked to about women on the bench has agreed that women rule by emotion first and foremost despite what the facts of record are. Additionally, the women judges tend to rule like a Monarchist and can’t seem to treat it like a job. People who are employed by the people are public servants not “officials” or royalty. Anyone that has witnessed Pomeroy, Schaller and Casey on the bench knows exactly what I am talking about. Power corrupts.


  1. Anonymous

    Reading this blog four years ago, I would have thought the same thing regarding those at the Thurston County Court Reporter. However now that I have been in front of Schaller, Pomeroy and yes Casey, I can honestly say I had no clue about what goes on at the Thurston County “Family” Court. Its one thing to tell a dad you are now part time, and your going to pay, pay, pay. However its another thing to witness the all out hatred that occurs over the bench. I know one dad whose wife decided to be a day time madam without the husband knowing. No not the dregs of society home. Upper middle class home. Well he introduced all the evidence of this to Schaller. 500 pages of evidence. Witnesses, etc. Schaller lost it in the court yelling at him that he should never have introduced this to the court. So the best interest of the children is to be raised by a hooker. If your interested I would be more than happy to show you some of these cases. I think you might be suprised.

  2. Emmett

    I could see your point, but the evidence you cite is public and despite having read the handful of pro-dad’s rights blogs in Thurston County, I’ve never actually seen the evidence.

    If there’s 500 pages, then scan it and put it on the internet. Prove your point during a campaign, because these judges are elected.

  3. Anonymous

    You want case numbers. I will give them to you. You really don’t know much. The judge elections are over. Notice there was a vacancy and twelve local attorneys ran for that spot and not any of the other spots held by incumbents that were up for re election. Its because there is a major problem where the bar association controls this town. I pray to god you never have to go through it yourself. If an attorney runs against a power at be and looses their career is over.

  4. hunsha

    It strikes me funny that you could have such comments for a woman on the bench with your supposed observations and views, while you live in a state with a woman governor and a state that without a doubt would have given Hilary the presidency had she won the ticket. Do you have the same binding views on Gregoire?

  5. Emmett

    hunsha: are you talking to me or the anonymous commenter?

    Because, I voted for Gregoire, will again and probably would have voted for Hillary Clinton as well, so I’m unsure of your point.

  6. hunsha

    My point is, you seem to have a very negative view of woman on the bench, which one would have to assume your views of woman in office would be the same. Do you believe that Gregoire is a Monarchist and feels she is royalty? I know that most people believe the Hilary does, but come-on, not Gregoire……

  7. hunsha

    I stand corrected and I’m sorry, Emmitt. My comments were directed at Truther, the author of the story, not you. Sorry for the confusion.

  8. Anonymous

    hunsha. Why does that strike you funny. Why can't I live in WA. Just because gregoire is the governor? Whats very interesting is that driving to Walla Walla last weekend I noticed that the gregoire signs stopped at the pass. You don't own this state. We the people do. We is key. Gregoire is just as bad when it comes to corruption. I personally have documents that show how she turned a blind eye to corruption at L&I. However since the Rossi folks have not jumped on board with shared parenting I refuse to give them ammo. This is about families not being political. We have rights in this country and even this state. They are protected by laws. Judges are supposed to sign an oath that states they will uphold the law. Go to the secretary of states office to try and find the oathes from the judges here in Thurston County. The judges here and I hate to break it to you are involved in RICO. Pomeroy is a good one to start with. Look at her public disclosure. She is a democrat. She has investments in Halliburton, BP Amoco, Walmart, a couple of chinese based companies, and also leases off her own property for logging. Look it up online. So while you all sit there and think you are voting for someone you like just because they have a d in front of their names, remember thats all they have is a d in front of their names.

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