Chill out indeed:

Do you make any effort whatsoever to gather facts before you make statements, or do you just type whatever pops into your head? Because the leaders of the opponents to the rezone, people like Bonnie Jacobs, Bob Jacobs, Thad Curtz, Barbara Gooding, etc., were certainly not participants in the Port protests. There’s very little overlap between resistance to the “rezone for sale” of the isthmus, and Oly PMR. It just astonishes me that you would write something so ridiculous, that has no basis in fact. So much for citizen journalism.

Good point that none of the actual leaders of the “don’t wall” groups where down at the protests, but dude, chill.

Its still my opinion that we’re riding a wave of emotion in Olympia, pitting the people who supported the protests, to those who didn’t.

And, this blog isn’t for any sort of citizen journalism stuff, I never claimed that. I do try to do that sort of stuff at Olyblog.