You can’t pull at the edges of our electoral system and not expect the voters to react:

The Republicans and the Democrats are also complaining about Initiative 872.

Well, that is just two bad for these political parties. They are now reaping what they sowed. They took away the right of the people to vote in a truly democratic manner, and now they complain and whine about the alternative chosen by those self-same voters. There is a movement in King County to make all county elected positions non-partisan. Hopefully, this effort will succeed, and another voter initiative will drive the authoritarian political parties out the door. The parties started this battle, and now the voters need to finish it. The voters need to make every state office, from the governor to the legislature, legally and publicly non-partisan.

From everything I’ve heard, the state parties have decided to continue to challenge the Top Two primary. By nominating our own candidates, we’re supposed to be able to show damages when those candidates don’t make it to the general election ballot.

If the courts then do strike down the Top Two, putting back the Montana Primary, the Grange has said they’re going after a true non-partisan system.