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Another reason I don’t feel bad for third parties in the Top Two

More on this:

Twenty seven legislative candidates are running unopposed this year.

Down by 12 from the all time high of 39 two years ago, but still a weirdly high number for people interested in healthy democracy. And, I would assume that anyone who would give their time to a third party would be someone interested in a healthy democracy.

If you’re a member or a leader of a third party, and you think the Top Two primary hurts your organization because it forces you off the November ballot, look at the 27 seats where there will only be one candidate in November (hell, one candidate in August).

Then, ask yourself why your party didn’t file a candidate in that district.

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  1. Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure that it’s not because the system discriminates them, but the much simpler reason that their ideas do not appeal to a large enough group of people, and for the most part they don’t do any actual political organizing.

    But you won’t hear any of them say that.

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