Another thought about the Top Two is Killing minor party thing: In a district like mine, LD 22, we have only elected Democrats since the 1980s. So, we’re pretty liberal and only a Dem has a chance.

So, as a Green why not try to relegate the Republicans to “third party” status by filing against one of the three established Dem candidates? This year, one Democrat and one Republican filed against the three sitting legislatures.

Say in that race against sitting legislator, Sam Hunt (Dem) and challenger Don Crawford, a Green Party member were to file. Hunt is pretty well funded ($54,000+ raised) and Crawford isn’t (no contributions, just over $800 spent).

If a Green could raise just a bit of money (say $10,000) they could win the primary, and then who knows what happens in the general.

And, maybe they were thinking of doing this, just didn’t have the chance. From the notes of the local Green Party’s most recent retreat:

The Top Two Primary has some advantages we can learn to exploit

And, hey check it out, former Olympia city councilmember TJ Johnson is an officer of the local Greens too.