As a candidate from the Campaign for Liberty movement you have the potential for strong support in Olympia, by appealing to what I call Olympia’s anarchist tendencies. The campaign may also need to morph its stance on illegal immigration to something that does not focus on a group of people. I might expound on that more later. There needs to be more emphasis on things that matter to people in liberal Olympia. There is a streak, a vein that runs through Olympia, and that is fear of unchecked power, and if that chord was struck I think Delavar can achieve stronger support. Here is just a couple of things that need emphaisis for your to garner support.

Opposition to war based on a non-interventionist stance.

Championing and, really, defend the Constitution, any transgression against it will not be tolerated.

Attack inflation. This issue alone can be tackled effectively by Delavar. The answer is there, it’s not rising prices, but falling dollar, right? And your solutions, Delavar, is different from other candidates, and it could ease the anxiety of many a voter.

I wonder… I would assume that the folks who would feel like even Cheryl Crist is too centrist would go for this guy. Though, maybe they’d hitch their wagons to him, thinking he actually has a chance to get to the general election.

I know the upcoming primary is essentially non-partisan, but assume that Crist doesn’t make it into the Top Two, losing too many Dem votes to incumbent Baird. That leaves Delavar and the other Republican, Christine Webb.

She might not be able to pick up enough of the conservative vote (because her campaign started really late) to get to face off against Baird, leaving Delavar the only hope of anarchists. In that case, in Delaver vs. Baird, I see Olympia (the far left part of town) going to Delavar.