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The next big Olympia blog

Will be Everyday Olympia:

It looks like OlyForums is going to become part of Mathias’ Everyday Olympia. That is to say the forum will be hosted there. The OlyForums.net URL will direct users to the forums themselves.

Mathias’ EDO probably would have continued to expand had he added forums there anyway, but Olyforums.net already has its own energized group of folks ready to talk to each other. Now, I suspect all EDO needs is one or two more front page bloggers and Mathias will be set.

Speaking of good Olympia Blogs, Oly Ost (means East Olympia) is pretty good.


  1. Anonymous

    Take a look (it’s almost finished!)

  2. Anonymous

    Help change lives with E-Cycling donations

    Starting Jan. 2, Goodwill is participating in E-Cycle Washington, a statewide effort providing free collection of TVs, laptops, monitors and computers. In Thurston County, Goodwill has five of six registered collection stations and is teaming up with Thurston County to provide collections at the Waste and Recovery Center at Hawk’s Prairie.

    Donating to Goodwill support’s job-training and placement efforts. It’s also tax-deductible. Goodwill also is colllecting computer peripherals, cel phones and other electronic equipment not covered under the program.

    For larger donations, contact Donations Customer Service Representative Debbie Morrison at 253.573.1333 ext. 306 or email dmorrison@tacomagoodwill.org

    For a list of Goodwill donation sites in your area, visit http://www.tacomagoodwill.org and click on “Donate”

    For more details on E-Cycle Washington, go to http://www.ecyclewashington.org.

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