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Hire a good campaign tracker, and some references

With both Gregoire and Dino employing campaign trackers (staffers with video cameras who attend opponents events looking for a macaca) here are some important links.

A Seattleite in Idaho will be back in Seattle in a couple of weeks and is apparently the Ty Cobb of campaign trackers:

I tracked for an organization that provided me with the top notch equipment that made my job easier. I had a Macbook and Final Cut Express for editing, a sweet Canon HD Camcorder, a nice microphone that captured great sound, a fancy Manfrotto tripod, the cords and adapters to plug into a mult box, a digital voice recorder, and more.

So, Washington State Democratic Party, if you want to track and ensure that the crook Dino Rossi doesn’t win, and ensure a Darcy Burner victory so that douchebag Reichart loses his seat, I suggest you not only keep tracking their events, but you invest in equipment that will capture great images and, more importantly, GREAT sound.

Concord Monitor: Campaign trackers: boot, block or befriend?
MPR: Candidates have few secrets from campaign ‘trackers’

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  1. Jessica

    I would love to either do some tracking in Washington or help train some trackers. Thanks for the notice!

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